About Us

We are the first Turkish Company that produced and marketed the Compression Fittings for PE Roll Pipes at its own plant…


To become the leader in the nearby geography in plastic pipe connection systems, and a preferred brand in global market


To be a leading brand in the local and global market in the production of plastic pipe fittings with the combination of high quality and technology


Our story begins in 1970, when our founder Yasar Dagdelen began his apprenticeship as a turner operator…


To do our job in the best way in line with our mission and vision, for the development of the industry we are in at the national and international scale.


Compression Fittings

Blue Series, Clamp Saddles, Green Series, Clamp Saddles With Slide, Layflat Fittings,Threaded Fittings,Fitting Spanners and more…

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Valves and Valve Boxes

Blue Series Ball Valves, Green Series Ball Valves, Valve Boxes ve and more…

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Dripline Fittings

Lock Type Fittings, Mini Valves (DN 8), Mini Valves (DN 15), Dripline Barbed Fittings and more…

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Special Productions

Rural Fittings, Rural Ball Valves and more…

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Our more than 2000 product types are increasing depending on the innovations in the sector.

We have 550 points in 70 countries…

Global Brand In The Sector


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Global Brand In The Sector

We have 550 points in 70 countries…

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